May 30, 2003

@ Morena

[location info]

with Taimur from work (he's visiting from DC) and Eddie who has been commemting on TT and lives in this neiborhood.Wanted to introduce this spot.o(^-^)o

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This is very cool

Adam and Nurri are getting married in Korea tomorrow. They are indeed Designing a Life. Two very inspirational, caring, cool people getting together.

Adam and Nurri,
How special for me to meet you two at this precise moment! You two are beautiful together and I'm looking forward to watching your 'design' evolve.
おめでとうございます。これからも長くお幸せに! With a bunch of love, m

Thank you for sharing : )

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May 28, 2003

We need some fun, right?

Here are examples of my phone's creativity. And yes, you can laugh at me. I'm laughing at myself. Note that I can't adjust the pics of me, so I had to take them to be 'in place' as close as I could. Pretty good, no? I even read the manual to see if I could shift my face a bit to fit, for example, the bear frame, but nope. Anyone know a trick?

Anyway, enjoy!!

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May 26, 2003


OK, I'm at work on the 21F and I've NEVER, after all these years, felt such a's been going on for a few minutes and is REALLY freaking me out. My hands are kinda shaking. The walls are making squeaking noises. I feel a bit queasy. The whole office is going home now so me too. The emergency announcement in the building just announced the building is OK. The earthquake was a biggie in the Tohoku region and was a 4 in Tokyo. Can't imagine what a 6 would be like.

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May 25, 2003

@ Sputnik 2

EZ Movie file (.amc)

Spacewalker is mixing Tibetan monk chants...and now some stuff that sounds like Chinese Opera. Pretty cool (^_^) Photo is Spacewalker and Kenji the VJ. Check out his Mac. Kind of dark, but here is Dave, a friend of a friend, from SF. Lastly, Tastuo, who is totaly relaxing shall I say, just got back from a month in central asia. He's sporting a new beard and looking good!

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First posting with GPS!

[location info]

@ Sputnik for Koyo party. Meeting several friends I haven't seen for quite some time. Random pics but now I can add gps info. Thanks to Dav for coding it and thanks to Paul for encouraging me (^-^)

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I know it's hard to tell

EZ Movie file (.amc) EZ Movie file (.amc)

but it's great @ Cay. Inoue Kaoru will play @ 1:30 but we're already having a great time. If in neiborhood, come on over!

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May 24, 2003

I was full but...

the woman making the kusamochi dessert came back and gave me one.So different from store bought ones.The yomogi is from near Mt. Fuji and much softer than what grows around here.Hand picked and fresh. Apparently they make everything fresh and all desserts by hand. I think I'll come back tomorrow for another meal. Nishi-Koyama rocks!

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found cute little eatery in neiborhood.

Having saba fish teishoku (lunch set) with genmai rice, miso soup,and pickles. One of my favorite kinda meals.Japanese home cooking.They also serve green maccha or genmai tea.If I have room, I'll try their Japanese dessert....This place is so cute.While eating, an old woman came by to pick up just some genmai rice and the cook and her discussed how to freeze it if she couldn't finish it; an old man dropped by even though he already ate to say hi and discuss his health; the cook was very busy and explained her helper was out making kusamochi (trad.dessert) b/c they had rec'd fresh yomogi (plant used for ingredients). I sense this tiny place truly takes care of the neighborhood by serving healthy food and providing a relaxing space.Beautiful.

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May 21, 2003

more simul-blogging

I was called a geek for the first time in my life (by Paul, no less). I love it! First simul-blog is Carsten (with fancy decoration experimentation thrown in). Second is that DomoDomo guy.

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We are addicted!

Once again at the Blogger's Meetup. Kind of feels like we're becoming a gang of old friends. I hesitated, but just couldn't help myself...and neither could others. We're all moblogging like crazy. Some conversations continue but a bunch of us are typing (OK, I'm exaggerating a bit; don't want to scare anyone away). Well, I have made dates w/ some to meet in person cuz nothing will replace personal contact. I will be meeting and doing projects that I want to blog though (^_^)

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May 20, 2003

I did buy one of her paintings...

although I won't get it until the show finishes.

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Gallery opening party@ Daikanyama

A young woman painter, Kamiya Kanako, whose style and energy I like, is having her third show. It combines her paintings and a fashion show of stuff w/ her work. A photographer who portrays loving couples was featured too. I'll add more tomorrow since I have a tummy ache and am not in the mood to type on my phone.

OK. As promised, here is her website. Apparently, the clothes that have her pictures on them are being sold somewhere in Marui Dept. The fashion show, to be honest, was kind of ho hum. I wasn't very impressed, but I'm no fashion expert. But as expected, I enjoyed seeing her evolution in her paintings from last time. Similar figures with the whole theme of 'dissatisfaction girls', but she experimented with more of a Japanese flavor in colors and and design. Last time, she used a lot of English text for statements about what these 'girls' were dissatisfied about...boredom, being tired, irked by little things that happen in everyday life. This time she focused more on images only and more details with faces versus overall scenes (like in a train, on a toilet, in a bedroom).

Anyway, I think she's great. If you have time, check her out. The Gallery is in the basement of La Fuente in Daikanyama. If you go, let me know what ya think, OK?

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I'm on the train to work, pulled out the new New Yorker to read a review of the Matrix by Adam Gopnik, and now see a man close to me also reading the mag. although different article. I could interupt and recommend the Matrix review ...It would be kinda like when 2 missionaries from Brooklyn showed up at my parents' home in small Takada-cho and they all started swapping stories since we once lived there. Small world continues to shrink.

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May 18, 2003

Bionic Mom

My mom fell off a ladder last year and broke her leg very badly. She was in the hospital for 12 weeks (well, hospitalization is much longer in Japan than in the U.S.) and had titanium screws, bolts, and plates put in her leg. 2 days ago she had an operation to take some of it out. She's fine and I couldn't believe she was already up walking the next day! She gets to keep what they took out and I was surprised to find the titanium to be a very beautiful blue. And they sure kept my mom's leg together. I am amazed at what medicine can do now...

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New garden

My mom's latest project was to completely redo the garden. Well, there really wasn't a garden before. Just a bunch of concrete in front of the house and a patch of dirt near the fence...which my mom filled with herbs and flowers quite well. She went full-force and hired a professional. Makes a huge difference to have green! It's Japanese style. They took out lots of the concrete so now there are a bunch of trees and quite an array of different bushes and plants.

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May 17, 2003

how many freaky earthquakes

do we have to go through? does this mean the biggy is coming?

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May 14, 2003

@Enoki ... again

EZ Movie file (.amc)
I was trying to be polite and NOT blog (cuz I get distracted from the conversations...which is happening now) ...I can't resist. I'm here w/ Adam & Nurri. They will be married next month.

(Written next day...)
It's exactly these human connections that make all this blogging and the accompanying gadgets interesting and meaningful. I wouldn't have gotten so addicted to blogging if it weren't for all the cool connections and additional dimensions I am gaining in my daily life. I may not have met Adam and Nurri otherwise. Or even if I met Adam, we may not have discovered our common interests so quickly. It's been fascinating to meet such a variety of people all exploring this technology, sharing our own takes/usage of it, discussing the meaning of all these possibilities, and just plain having fun together (as we all document this). And in the end, establishing new friendships in the traditional sense.

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Before and after

I generally cut my hair like 3 times a year and pay 1,000 yen for it...the type of place that let's you walk out with wet hair. Today, I splurged and went to a highly recommended place. I do this once in a while when I wanna change - I go and say, "do what you think is best; I trust you." It's scary and I had no idea what I'd be posting 'post' cut to you...

Turns out the result was rather tame. I know you can't really see; it's basically my messy hair shorter. It feels better though and I'm pleased. But geez. The service! I had a consultation beforehand, a head massage, a hair wash (with a hot peppermint scented towel under my neck), a cut, a hair rinse, another head & back massage along with an arm & hand massage, then a gentle blow dry!! Took 2 hours!! Once in a while it's nice though.

The hair guy was Tanaka-san. He didn't cut the traditional way, as in taking a layer of hair and cutting it straight at some length. I can't describe it, but he more or less casually took a bunch of hair and kind of jabbed his scissors at it. He also had this funky tool of 3 scissors connected together. Neat!

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the art of car parking

Having gates is a tradition in Japan and I find some very beautiful. But the modern versions sometimes just seem like petty markings of "this is my space - do not touch!"

These are various gates I've found in my neighborhood. The first one I thought was going to be a commercial store, but it turned out to be someone's loving showcase of their cars. The second one is kind of anal, in my opinion - the car doesn't fit, but the owner still wants to pull down the shutter AND place a board to fill in the side space. It's hard to see, but there is actually a net carefully placed over the sticking out absolutely no one or nothing can even get a paw in. The third, well, I dunno. The string marks the territory, but it's done in such a half-hearted way...barely staying up if it weren't for the water jug weighing down the make-shift pole. The wooden fence is also a mystery to me.

The fifth example is what I would consider great use of space. It's hard to see, but they've got a car, a canoe, 2 bicycles, and a small storage unit in the back. Must be a pain to actually get the car out though. And all this 'gating' is actually more symbolic than anything. The last pic. is a case in point - a gate and another gate...and if the bike weren't there, you could just walk right through.

What does all this 'gate' business say about sense of space and ownership?

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May 12, 2003

blogging while I donate blood

Sorry if this makes you squirm, but I'm typing w/ my right arm as my left pumps out 400ml of blood.The nurse is fascinated to say the least that I'm taking pics.I have a weakness w/ balloons but am fine w/ needles and blood. Call me strange but it's true.

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a pretty big earthquake awoke me (and I'm sure the rest of Tokyo too)...yuck again...just got I'm spooked. My first thought is how would I protect my cats?

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May 11, 2003

Mother's Day

Came over and made breakfast for mom. Although thanking moms shouldn't be limited to one day a year, I couldn't resist. Brought over lox and cream cheese, and my juicer to make fresh carrot/apple/ginger juice.

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Ayako goes to Sri Lanka

Last night Ayako had a farewell party at her place (I couldn't post since my phone battery was dangerously low). She leaves for Sri Lanka next week for a 2 or possibly 3 year job with the Japanese government. I definitely hope to visit her while she's there. Although I will miss her, we all know this is an excellent opportunity for her and I look forward to seeing where she goes after this.

I found one guy with a, ah, very interesting t-shirt. It had little examples of various bugs you can get...worms, fleas, and other scary looking fellows with names I can't spell.


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May 10, 2003


Finally meeting up w/ Linda from high school.She's been super busy caring for Sean...He is already 5 months! I threw a small baby shower for her but it feels like it was only last month.Wow.Linda is half like I am. Her husband Leo is too. So is he 'fully half' as Linda says? But Sean looks very Japanese, no? It so interesting how these combinations work.

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i despise crows

I was jogging around a park when I noticed a gang of crows. Like 20.And in the middle was a cat literally being picked and attacked.I shooed them away but don't know what to do.Some park regulars just told me that the cat stays here even w/ the crows and has been injured before.I can see the crows moving in again. Evil...

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May 07, 2003

@ Depot in Nakameguro

Met w/ Kojo-san to share more ideas about the DJ Bar thing.Depot had an interesting art installation w/ boxes of Brillo,clothing storage units,and paintings. I'll just say that I think we are both pretty excited although many details still need to be worked out.We both want something quite different from a typical club. Art, music, internet, changing themes, San Francisco & London, maybe 24 hours, politics, self-expression...we're experimenting.

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Going to lunch

and found a mini flea market the middle of this major business district. CDs, shoes, used clothes, odd nicknacks...

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I haven't caught up with local news yet, but couldn't help notice the big commotion caused by these folks - dressed all in white, painting their vans in white, covering them in what looks like a bunch of CDs, and claiming they have a responsibility to feed Tama-chan.

I was confused since I also saw that Tama-chan is now suffering from some fish hook that got caught on his/her ? eyelid. And recently a group of 40 'specialists' gathered in Tokyo to figure out how to help Tama-chan. So I thought this group formed for Tama-chan. But now I see that this group is more or less off in their own world...

Is it just me or are things getting stranger and stranger?

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So I'm back in town after a wonderful & amazing time in SF. I have no trouble feeling right at home there, but it's always a bit of an adjustment coming back to here. Especially after spending blissful days with Dav and now having to be separated again. He surprised me with a trip to Cabo San Lucas!! I won't gush too much here, but if you're interested in pics, check his site. I am a very lucky gal.

If all goes well, he'll be coming over here end of June...and we'll do some Tokyo Tidbits posting together. I thought I'd do some posting from SF, but I felt so out of context. I've learned to identify posting with my Tokyo life, and it would have been a forced 'hello, I'm here' sort of posting. Anyway, although I'm waking up at 6am, I'll be getting my groove back soon. In fact, I'm meeting with Kojo-san tonight to discuss further our DJ Bar project. I got some good ideas from being in SF. I'll keep you posted about how that develops.

So, the pics are what I bought. I always fill any leftover nook and cranny in my suitcase with Trader Joe's food: peanut butter, soy milk, chai tea's so cheap I just can't resist. Next time I go back to SF will be for Burning Man, so Dav and I also went material shopping so we can make some costumes. I bought some bright colored fur pieces and cow-motif cloth to make what I hope will be warm overalls. I left it in SF, but Dav also bought me a nice blue wig!!

And after being away, it is nice to hug my cats wake up and find a black and white paw sticking out of the covers. Since I woke up so early, I went for a jog and was touched by this mini garden someone put together in styrofoam boxes right in front of their house. It's the small things like this that make me smile that I'm back in Tokyo.

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