August 14, 2003

short is good!

It was the rainy season. Then we had 2 seconds of summer (which was more than enough for my mom and I last Sat.), and now it seems we are already in typhoon season cuz it's a mess outside.(I don't watch weather on tv so I guess on my own...which actually isn't smart with Tokyo finiky weather.) Anyway, I just faced a sidewalk that was on its way to becoming a river and was thankful for once that I am short cuz I got platform shoes on and can wade through the mini river without wetting my toes. Yeah!

Posted by Mie at August 14, 2003 10:11 PM

Ha, we had over 30 days without rain, with temperatures reaching 38C and more and sun, sun SUN since february. Quite unusually for Germany, isn't it?

Cheers from Cologne


Posted by: Bombaclaat at August 15, 2003 04:39 AM

I've seen hard rain, and i've seen rain fall for many days in a row, but i don't believe i have ever seen rain fall in biblical portions for 14 hours straight like last night.
One nice thing about Tokyo, or at least the parts of Tokyo i am familiar with, good storm drainage.

Posted by: james at August 15, 2003 02:58 PM

Yeah, weather is crazy nowadays...

Posted by: Mie at August 15, 2003 06:40 PM
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