April 27, 2003

Just text

from San Francisco. I feel naked without my keitai phone camera. Real sign of an addiction, eh? I can take photos but just can't upload them. Maybe I'll learn how to use Dav's hiptop camera to load photos, but for now, let me just let ya know that it's good to be back in SF. I love Tokyo, but need my SF fix too.

I am noticing that I do have more of an outsider's view. Couldn't keep my mouth shut about how 'lame' BART (public train) seems...and don't get me wrong. I think BART is fabulous, I love riding it, and think it fullfills a good need...but coming from Tokyo efficiency....and considering the US is the richest country around...I can't help but role my eyes when escalators are being repaired, the ticket machines are so finicky you're actually happy to get your ticket, and who knows when a train will arrive.

But what I really want to post tonight is that I'm having a great time with Dav!! Ahhhhh.,
We're going on a little vacation tomorrow and will be out of touch until Wednesday.... No way I'll be posing in the interim, but I'll have lots to share when I come back, OK? : )

Have a great weekend!

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April 25, 2003

And I'm off to SF!

To see you know who.Bye! I'll post from over thereo(^-^)o

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April 23, 2003

@ Nishkoyama's Morena

Kyoko owns Morena. She's friends with Yuki who used to work with Kojo-san (DJ SpaceWalker). Kojo-san just came back from a month in San Francisco, energized with new ideas and thinking of changes he can make in his lifestyle over here. He said he felt a lot opened up for him by seeing SF and meeting interesting people. I'm super energized since I'll be leaving for SF tomorrow to go see Dav!!! Also, Kojo-san talked about opening a DJ Bar. We shared ideas of what we would like to do/see and looks like we have a lot in common. Time to collaborate?? Now wouldn't THAT be fun!

It was a wonderful chill night...the three of us in a neighborhood bar (we had the place to ourselves) just hanging out.

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April 22, 2003


This posting was meant to be 5 pictures I took of Shibuya that would be posted as animated gifs. Not working yet...but when it does, now won't that be fun??

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April 20, 2003

My first bowl

I go to a ceramics studio once a week.I like it because it's flexible.I can go when I want and although there is a curriculum, I can do as I want. Only thing is it's so quiet! I wish they'd play music(but if it were pop music, that'd be painful too)

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Local election campaigning has started.Suddenly from this morning, vans representing various candidates drive around and around repeating their names and 'yoroshiku' (kinda of a hello).Never much about what they plan to actually do.So to me it's noise.I can't vote here anyway.And now my cat just started to snore. I'm just trying to get some work done.

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April 19, 2003

Tiny concert

EZ Movie file (.amc) EZ Movie file (.amc)
The former owner of a bar I loved had a mini concert.He closed the bar so he could play his guitar more.He travels all around the world. He used to play @ the bar when the mood struck & I missed his music.Good to hear him! Although my cell doesn't begin to capture him.He also played a 25 string Afghan instrument.

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Look what I saw on my home today.I'm thrilled my cell could capture it (although I'm judging from my cell screen and can't check a PC)

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April 17, 2003

Moda 2

EZ Movie file (.amc)
The totally red bathroom @ Moda. I was also wearing red. And Joi Ito as a DJ. Great vibes but no space to dance! So many Tokyo bloggers! (^o^) 次回を楽しみにしてます。

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@Tokyo's bloggers meetup

that actually spilled to Moda's. See all the keitais (cellphones)? Mmmm...good stimulation.
Discussed blogging a girls' night out (there aren't a ton of us YET, and we'll show you OUR version of Tokyo). Also got some pals for some interactive creative projects -でしょう Paul & Bob, je crois que ca va bien marche.

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April 16, 2003

on the way to Moda

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Check this out.

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Like mother like daughter

Here is a TV show contest about mothers and daughters who look alike...or more like mothers who look young and dress like their teenage daughters. I get a lot of comments about not looking my age, but these mothers top it all. It's kind of weird to me that the mothers and daughters want to look like twins though...same hairstyle, same clothes, same make-up.

What kind of a message is the mom giving to her daughter? I think my mom is beautiful and is aging very gracefully, and I consider that a much better role model. Now that my mom isn't so busy running a household, her creativity is blooming. The wisdom and confidence that comes with age should be looked forward to, not feared.

Japan is definitely well on its way to a youth obsessed society. Which is scary considering the already limited options older women have here in terms of carving out a meaningful identity. On the other hand, divorce rates among women in their 50s has increased...meaning, they patiently hang on while the kids are in school and their husbands are working. As soon as retirement hits, and the wives have fulfilled their family obligations, they're ready to bust out of the limited world they lived in and begin exploring. Talking to my mom, older women seem much more able to adapt to their 'golden age,' while the men, who've clung to work as their identity for so long, don't know who they are anymore once they retire. Remember that ad a while ago where the retired husband was equated to a cockroach that the housewife was tired of having around?

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April 13, 2003

Ramen in the wee hours

After dancing, I'm hungry!

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Arabian Nights 2

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This Aoyuyu place is full on into an amazing mystical 'Arabian' atmosphere! I'm w/ friends so I'll just send pics stop typing.But I'm gonna get my groove on tonight!

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Waiting for the train

and fooling around with camera angles. Going to Aoyuzu Lounge in Ebisu. It's Arabian Nights tonight with DJ Greg Sonata.

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April 12, 2003

Fancy window displays from Aoyama.

The snake/dragon is from Issey Miyake. I'm not a fashion person to understand this one - what kind of an image are they trying to sell? It's hard to tell, but the last 2 pics are of a shoulder bag and a skirt covered with little stuffed animals. I want those!

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April 11, 2003


No one showed up to join us (missed one of the best sandwhiches I've had in Tokyo), but I bumped into Donald from high school! He works @ Cafe8! Tokyo IS small.He is part of a Reggae band that I sure plan to check out.Had great conversation w/ Adam about blogging & much more. Why do I blog? How does this affect me? We also talked about our generation & the significance of technology in how we perceive and feel.May I just add that I typed all this as I walked (slowly) tothe train station?From your Thumb Tribe.(*^_^*)

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I'm meeting Adam @ Cafe8 near Omotesando. We're gonna chit chat about moblogging. So I want to try this 'live' experiment - if you are reading this in Tokyo and are interested in joining us now, please do. You can find directions online. I realize this is a long shot but thought it'd be fun.If you do show up, I'll buy you a drink and will grin a lot.

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No pic!

I think this is the very first entry I'm doing without a picture. My postings are usually based on 'seeing' something I want to share. Feels strange to post based only on something I want to say.

No announcement or nothin'. I was just looking at my earlier posting about my phone and giving it props for all the hard work it does. Then I got to thinking about my poor fingers and how typing on the phone is actually hard work! Yesterday, I began typing at Shibuya about that ad poster. I'm getting pretty good at typing, and I probably barely looked up as I got onto the train - still typing. And when I got off and took the escalators, I remember smiling as I passed several people who had scooted to the side while they were typing on their phones...and I waltzed passed them...AS I TYPED. Am I tooting my horn too much? Just wanted to say I'm getting close to what they call the Thumb Tribe...although I'm the English version : )

It's Friday (yeah!), but I think I'm coming to work tomorrow anyway. Leaving now to go meet Adam

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April 10, 2003

My poor camera

According to an ad @ the Shibuya station, my camera needs fashion.This poster shows this guy's eye color matching the neon green of his phone. OK. I've actually been thinking of how to give more props to my awesome phone...like 'dress' it up & take mirror shots or buy it a couple decorations that seem to exist in the millions. But I won't be rushing out to change my eye color to pink.

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Depot n' Lonny

Lonny used to be a Jet in Gumma. He is passing through Tokyo on his way to Thailand and Nepal. He's had a key to my apt. since I moved so he could crash @ my place whenever he's in town. Today he's just storing a bag...but we're @ Nakameguro's Depot now to catch up. Here is a quote from him: "My fantasy is to be happy & for all others to be happy."

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Ebisu from the 5th floor

Then he took me to a very cozy gay bar called Rahti on the 5th story of a building. Great interior with upbeat music, woodsy sort of interior design and pillows to settle into. We only stayed for one drink, but the vibe was very friendly.

From this bar, we could see a nice looking window of another bar called JUA Gallery Cafe & Bar on the 5th floor of the building across the street (I tried to capture a picture). I really dug this place. We were the only customers so the owner came out and had a drink with us. They have art shows there and music on Saturdays. I definitely wanna go back to that one.

Sorry the pics aren't too good. I want a flash!

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Sri Lankan Dinner

I met Hiroharu-san at a really cool bar in Ebisu last year. We hit it off and he's introduced me to art shows and the best place to watch hanabi (fireworks) in summer (nope, not gonna tell you!). The bar (furofuro) has since closed, but he lives in Ebisu and has been showing me equally cool hidden places.

First we had Sri Lankan dinner.

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April 09, 2003

Another small world reminder

There is a new temp person at my office. Her name is Risa and I had heard she just moved from SF. Yesterday, I finally had time to talk to her, and guess what! She is friends with Mieko, my sorely missed girlfriend who is working in SF now. Mieko and I used to work at the same place in SF, and when I moved to Tokyo, she was also in Tokyo for one year for visa reasons. It was perfect timing to be able to prance around Tokyo together...and we sure did!

I'm sure Mieko will leave a comment regarding this (^_^)

I haven't missed this opportunity and am already lining up places to go out with Risa. Now that the weather is warmer and my energy is springing back, I'm ready to check places out. Since Ayako is moving to Sri Lanka, I was wondering what I'd do. Ask and you will be provided!

Belinda, Naomi, and I had lunch in Hibiya park today. Thousands of tulips blooming in a rainbow of colors.

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April 07, 2003

More of my parents

Part of the temple festivities included some cartoon characters roaming around (probably to entertain the more modern-minded little kids). My mom seemed rather smitten by them so I offered to take a picture of her with them. I was aiming to fit in one or two characters, but they all gathered around trying to get included. The most enthusiastic characters I've ever seen!

Then we stopped by where they have special incense that is supposed to help with your health. My mom used to gather smoke and put it on my head so I'd be smart. Here, hmmm...trying to get my dad to grow a longer beard? He doesn't look impressed though, does he?

Then on the way home, we met a woman and her 4 month old baby. Now it was my dad's turn to be smitten.

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Sakura viewing

On Sunday, I went to Todoroki Valley to see the sakura. Beautiful oasis. I must go back during summer when it's too hot to think straight. The park has a small river and large trees. Quite a treasure.

Yes, the sakura was gorgeous. I particularly liked the park because people aren't allowed to have the typical parties, getting noisy and drunk under the sakura. Here, everyone could quietly walk around and enjoy nature. At the temple, they had various festivities. The last picture is of a tiny Buddha placed in a bed of flowers. You are supposed to pour water over it. Of course I was too busy trying to get a good pic. with my phone...

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The Reception

I actually tried posting these while at the reception on Saturday, but somehow the email didn't go through, so this is a bit late. It was quite a nice reception, all along the theme of sakura. Lots of pink. Dan plays the piano and played a song he wrote for Yuko! When I went up to them to take the close photo of them, I burst into tears. I've known Dan since junior high and we've seen each other through thick and thin. I'm so happy for them.

I was pleasantly surprised to see so many women in kimonos. I sat next to Yuki who was wearing her very own kimono (people usually rent). She carefully explained that her obi was in a special knot (I forget the name). She works for Lehman Brothers but also is a ballerina. Right on!

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April 05, 2003

Dan and Yuko are now married!

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Gettin' ready for Dan and Yuko's wedding

I love having fresh flowers in my hair.But it's rainy and quite cold. Definitely can't wear my one dress. Actually although my hair will be done, I still don't know what to wear!

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April 04, 2003

With my brother (in-law)

Quite amazing. I had just been thinking of catching up with my brother-in-law when he called me. It was such perfect timing that I thought I already had called him and thanked him for 'calling me back.'

Last time I took him to my favorite bar so this time he took me to his in Nakameguro. He has his own bottle there (ボトル キープ, bottle keep) where you pay for a whole bottle of your favorite liquor but leave it there to enjoy over time. Usually you write your name on the bottle but Steve has various nicknacks dangling from it to make his mark.

It was a tiny bar but fully equipped. When I said I liked vodka, the bartender got on a stool and reached way up in the corner for a French rose-infused vodka bottle. Yes, it was fantastic. Steve's coworker later joined us and we had lively discussions on what it meant to be まじめ (serious). Steve thinks I'm a serious gal while I resisted that label with all my might. We also discussed the war. Regardless of what we all feel personally, Steve, who owns a company, admitted that the war meant more profits for his company. What the war means to us individually and to companies is very different. Perhaps that's why Japan is quite OK with supporting Bush; companies need the boost and we know how buddy buddy some powerful private companies are with politicians.

On a brighter note, Steve gave me a white tulip. I've never seen one and found it quite beautiful.

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April 03, 2003

So many choices!

At the conbini (convenient store) downstairs, they have an insane number of choices when it comes to drinks. In addition to the American carbonated drinks (which I don't like), I counted 5 types of mineral water, 8 types of juices, and 14 types of tea (including green, oolong, jasmine, and English)! There are 5 types of supplement drinks. These are kind of like sports drinks - close to water, but with electrolytes and such added in - but they are marketed more for surviving city life rather than for sports. These drinks are supposed to help city people who are stressed, don't eat well, and drink too much alcohol. I actually kind of like these drinks. Today I bought "Hogusu supli" which means a supplement that will loosen/relax my body. It contains vinegar of various fruits. A bit too sweet for me. I like Dakara ("because" and a play on the word for body) the best.

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Techno Thai Lunch

New Thai lunch place near work. Good food, but the decor isn't that relaxing. Makes me feel I'm in a night club. At least my lunch was spicy.

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