July 18, 2003

I neeeeeeed to vent!!!!!

I've had a hard week at work and am still gonna be here for a while. I need to concentrate so I can clean up my desk.

However, right now there are some very noisy protesters outside causing an unbearable ruckus. Someone is literally screaming into a megaphone and they're blasting right-wing-ish military-like songs. It echoes and just sounds awful. I feel like running out and saying, excuse me, but SHUT UP!

I mean if they're trying to gather support, I'm sorry, but this ain't the way. At least get better music. At this rate, they're just making everyone flee...Oh god, I think I hear 2 competing megaphones now.

OK, I'm frustrated and don't have my usual reservoir of patience. I'm all for freedom of speech and certainly for protesting...I just can't take it right here and right now. In other words, I'm just complaining that I actually just wanna go home.

Why do I like my blog? Cuz at times like this when no one is around, I can still vent! Thank you...

Posted by Mie at July 18, 2003 06:14 PM | TrackBack

Great picture, Mie! you have talent, although I realize that's not acting. Here's an uyoku sound truck pic.

A few weeks ago an uyoku truck parked outside the hotel where I was doing a wedding here in Kyoto and blasted that crud so loud it disrupted the ceremony. No one had the guts to go complain.

My other uyoku story is that after I got back from the 50th anniversary of atomic bombing of Hiroshima, I was walking down the street in Kyoto, getting ready to go drop off my film when a truck sneaked up behind me and started blasting. I jumped and dropped my Nikon, and the back popped open, exposing a whole roll of film.

Posted by: nils at July 18, 2003 07:03 PM

That's funny...I mean not funny, but you know.
I really don't appreciate those guys and am quite curious as to who the hell joins them. If they are serious about pushing their agenda, they got it ALL wrong, man!

It's 8:30 on a Friday night...late b/c of those guys. I'm outta here!

Posted by: Mie at July 18, 2003 08:24 PM

I know how you feel. I work in Kasumigaseki so they tend to circle our block at least twice a week. Thing is, its nothing to do with persuasion. This is just good old fasioned extortion. Story seems to be, pay homage (and cash) to your local right wing militia, or we disrupt your space.

The real scary thing is how well it works. Pretty much most major companies and organizations keep slush funds just in case they have some special event they need to be loudspeaker free.

Back in the states, we'd just take pot shots at the trucks till they leave...  Ok, maybe that's not the best solution either...

Posted by: Kakyou at July 18, 2003 10:43 PM

That looks like a great emotion shot for the !Aiyaa! web site.

You should keep some headphones for your laptop in the office so you could listen to NPR or music instead.

Posted by: Dav at July 20, 2003 07:21 AM

The cure for all frustrations here

Posted by: Hid at August 11, 2003 11:27 AM
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