March 26, 2003

this might be just for me...

Several things have been going on and I haven't posted for quite some time. The war threw me off more than I realized. I felt a pretty deep sadness and wasn't quite sure how to process it. And work has been absolutely crazy...especially since I was called back from my business trip and was scrambling to rearrange everything. I *think* most is settled now and I feel much better. I also admit to really really missing Dav : )

It's strange because I missed posting...Blogging does change how I view things and it gives me a certain focus - as in "what shall I post today?" Being consumed by work, I let go of blogging and doing so simply emphasized all the more that I was just going to work, going home, going to work, going home.

Well, today I received the most beautiful gift and I couldn't wait to post it. Now that the pics are up, I realize it's hard to see what it is and this posting may be more for my pleasure than yours. Indulge me. My nephew Tyler drew these...or wrote these? I can't tell. From an adult point of view, they are scribbles on pink paper. But from an aunt's point of view, they are fabulous symbols of innocence, glee, and love.

If you've been reading Kurt's postings about his new baby and 親ばか (oyabaka; parent crazy about their kid), well, I'm a おばさんばか (crazy aunt). I don't know how my brother and his wife are able to be so humble about their kids. Ian has a blog going and I LOVE looking at the pics! I've already showed everyone in the office Tyler's art.

Posted by Mie at March 26, 2003 07:15 PM | TrackBack

What happened to your previous post?
I thought it was to be continued...?

Posted by: at March 26, 2003 09:33 PM

Dear Mie,
A Japanese newspaper said a Japanese
girl is a human shield at a Bagdad water plant.
A cruse missile just missed it and she is very
terrified! There are many Japanese human shields
and press people in Iraq now. It is very sad.

Posted by: KUMA at March 27, 2003 05:33 AM

heya Mie :) isn't it always a joy to receive any form of art work from a child you love? especially when you know it is dedicated to you :) it just never fails to put a smile on your face :) your nephew and niece are very cute indeed :)

and yes, the war is getting me down too... on top of that, i'm getting very concerned about the spread of the abonormal pneumonia... it's becoming quite an issue over here in Toronto... is it also the case in Japan? i keep having to remind myself, my family and friends to: 1. wash hands more frequently; 2. drink more water; 3. eat more fruits (vitamin C); and 4. get enough sleep!

Posted by: April at March 27, 2003 08:25 AM

Glad you like the gifts ~ they come from the heart. Such innocence in children, it really is a joy and inspiration to see. The weather was so beautiful today that I took Tyler for a ride around the block in my car with him hanging out of the window ~ it made his day!

Posted by: ian at March 27, 2003 11:07 AM

Dear Kuma,

While I think human shields is a noble idea, I don't think their sacrifice will change the larger movements of war. I understand these people wanting to do something and make a strong statement, but I feel for their friends and family too. This whole situation is just horrible.

Yeah, with all going on, the SAR scare certainly isn't helping. What kind of a world are we living in??

And that's why seeing Julia and Tyler is so wonderful. I'm so happy for you and Izumi. Wish I could be closer to be more involved. Once again, thank you!!

Posted by: Mie at March 27, 2003 11:31 AM
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