July 20, 2003

Fireworks tonight

Tonight is Yokohama's 花火大会 (hanabi taikai), fireworks festival.It will be insanely crowded but it's not summer without hanabi. Many women are decked out in cute yutaka (summer traditional dress).We're sitting in the parking lot of the port customs. Will start @ 7. Interestingly, I can't access GPS info.

Postscript: it wasn't just gps that I couldn't access; I couldn't send my posting and although I got a notification of an email from Dav, I couldn't receive it. My phone was fine so I'm guessing there was too big of a concentration of keitais in one place and the system couldn't deal. I mean it *was* very crowded. Normal calls were fine but no voicemail...Anyway I'm posting this from the train on my way home now that all functions are fine. Got my email from Dav too (^_^)

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