July 13, 2003

Where it all started.

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A little less than a year ago, I bought my current phone from this neighborhood shop. The phone guy (with cute dog in shop) had set me up with with my first phone that was the simplest around upon my insistance. I didn't want any gadgetry.Well, when I needed a new one, beloved Dav was visiting and he told me how he could set up a blog for me and write code for my phone so I could post from it. I had NO IDEA what he was saying but it all sounded fun. Plus I wanted to have, for once in my life, the newest model...just to show off a bit, ya know.So that's how TT began.And with Dav's last visit, it seems most appropriate to credit the phone guy (who has helped me when I couldn't figure out something about the phone).Now it also seems timely to let you know that Dav and I decided that we really enjoy being together and no amount of moblogging, instant emails, and digital pics will replace the real thing. So I am thrilled to say that I am moving back to SF!Details to follow; I still don't have a computer and this took a long time to type on my phone...my thumb is tired.Kiss to everyone!

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Long-distance romance has too much distance and not enough romance, so I would say it's a good idea. I turned down a promotion to a real career-type publishing job in Tokyo, to pursue the woman who became my wife (and who just leaned over my shoulder to say, "I like the color of that website (TT).") Worked out well for me.

Regardless of the domain name, I look forward to seeing the Mie angle (swinging upside down from the bedposts) on the SF scene.

Posted by: nils at July 13, 2003 03:52 PM

Wah, congratulations on your decision! Everyone in Tokyo will miss you (er, not that I'm there anymore) but I think it's awesome you guys can be together back in SF again. Hopefully you can still get your moblog on in sf.

Keep blogging -- seriously,

Posted by: Ian at July 13, 2003 04:17 PM

Mie, Nice to have you back in the states. Sure that technology is not the same but It would be sad to see your adventure stop. I think continuing your blog in SF would be a great idea. I lived in SF for 4 years some years back and you are going to have a blast. You set a level in bloggs that has not been met to date by anyone, why stop now. Sure I will miss the Tokyo adventures and pictures, but look forward to seeing the SF adventures and pics. I wish you and dav the best and hope to see you back online asap. GOOD LUCK TOM

Posted by: Tom/ from houston at July 13, 2003 09:52 PM

Congratulations on your decision !
Tokyo's loss is San Fran's gain !!

Posted by: ジョージ at July 14, 2003 01:32 AM

Follow your heart! (^ ^)v

Posted by: chriskk at July 14, 2003 01:52 AM

Can I have your apartment?

Posted by: Shaun at July 14, 2003 05:05 PM

Hi ya'all. Thanks! I sure hope I can figure an angle to keep blogging. I'm addicted. I'm also thinking of what to do with TT and will post some ideas for everyone to respond to. I do want TT to continue even if I'm not around...

Posted by: Mie at July 14, 2003 07:01 PM

Hey Ian,
So how's it to be back? I may just see you one of these days in Orgeon since my best friend Amy lives in Ptld. She's teaches kindergardeners (whew!!) at a Japanese emmersion school.

Hope all is well!

Posted by: Mie at July 14, 2003 07:06 PM


I'm probably not quite the expert you are at switching between Japan and America mode, so for me it's really really weird to be in the states. But that's finally starting to wear off. Everything just seems kind of slow here, compared to Tokyo. Actually right now I'm not even leaving in Portland, temporarily living with my folks outside of Portland (about a 45-minute car drive away) in inaka. So I'm trying to find a summer job and move back into the city >_

Posted by: Ian at July 15, 2003 04:18 AM

Even though I knew this was going to happen, it is still a bit of a shock. We're going to miss you Mie :~(

Posted by: Gen Kanai at July 15, 2003 05:45 PM

Ack last message got cut off and just noticed it. Uh well in summary, I'm doing fine back here in the states and it would be sooo cool to meet up in Portland some day. As they say on the streets, it would be 'wacky'. Let me know if that day comes, you know where to find me. Or I could just keep an eye out for your activities on sanfranciscotidbits.com

Posted by: Ian at July 16, 2003 04:58 AM
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