June 28, 2003

I haven't forgotten

My gosh, it feels like I haven't posted for quite some time, eh? Well yeah, I've been enjoying all my time with Dav...but we're still dealing with 時差惚け (jisa boke - jetlag) We did well tonight though; we went to a local eatery @ Musashi Koyama and then went to our favorite bar Gekko. He is fast asleep now and I got this urge to say `hi' to you so here I am typing in the dark! (@ what point does blogging officially become defined as addicting?) I am so happy for the weekend cuz we have both been working as usual so far (Dav works by computer).Now we finally got some play days (^-^)

Posted by Mie at June 28, 2003 01:21 AM | TrackBack

Just started reading your blog; it's good fun and enlightening since I'm visiting Tokyo for the first time next month. How did you meet Dav?

Posted by: Jane at June 28, 2003 03:08 AM

Hi Jane,
Welcome! I met Dav through Burning Man. We are both part of a camp called Campalicious. For now he's in SF and I'm here so we sure do a lot of emailing. Having blogs definitely helps!

Once you're in Tokyo, then you can actually visit the places I post with GPS location info. Lemme know how that goes! : )

Posted by: Mie at June 30, 2003 09:59 AM
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