June 15, 2003


So I finally went to Ageha and partied until 6am! That was Friday, but I wanted to explain the pics and didn't want to type on my phone, so I'm posting now that I'm at my parents' and have a computer.

My Nu Balance friends put up a tent and had aromotherapy, mattresses to lounge on, and lots of feel-good music. Ageha is huge...can hold 3,000 people easy. There were 2 big music dance rooms but the music was only OK. However, I really liked the space in general...having space to dance, walk around and check out stuff and even see the sky! Yes, one of the best things is there is a deck and pool that overlooks the bay. I kind of felt I was back in SF. People were relaxed and enjoying themselves... it wasn't a "scene" for which I usually have very little tolerance.

So the pics: the first one is this woman in a great outfit...that's a, ah, you know, a big male 'thing' shall I say, on her head. She was walking around in a very sexy glittery outfit serving shots. The next two red pics are from the hidden secret room that you can ONLY access by walking through one of the stalls in the women's bathroom. It was the cutest room decked out in pink with cushions, another big male 'thing' to hug and hold on to if you wanted, and the walls were covered with very explicit erotic/sex manga scenes. Only for us girls...sorry guys! Since cameras aren't allowed in Agaha (but I got my phone in), these are very special photos...I didn't want to take too explicit photos and get a long list of yucky comments so I'm purposely being tame here.

It was crazy how early it started getting light...maybe 4am or so? Anyway, here are photos of the deck, a close-up of Yuki, and inside Nu Balance's chill tent.

All in all, it was great fun but I was tired. It took forever to get home cuz it is way out in the middle of nowhere!

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