June 07, 2003

small world...

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I'm @ Enoki.I planned to take Gen here (whom I 'met' through TT) and I was w/ Kathy (from high school and is visiting from NY) having coffee and said I was meeting him and she says she knows him from college! So we are here together w/ Gen's friend Negi-san.AND walking around Shibuya earlier, we bumped into another Tokyo high school friend by chance! VERY weird but totally cool.Last pic. is my first cell phone deco attachment...a customer here (Enoki) had it on her phone and I said it was so cute and she gave it to me.Such sweet people here. I will attach it w/ love and gratitude.

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Mie, thank you for the wonderful dinner and introduction to Enoki and Doi-san. What a wonderful place!

Kathy, great to see you again and let's keep in better touch in the future.

Shige-san, thanks for the fun evening!

Posted by: Gen Kanai at June 8, 2003 11:11 PM

Mie, I just discovered your wonderful webblog while searching for info about Enoki and where it's located. I'm fact-checking a magazine article about Tokyo and I was hoping you could help me answer some questions about Enoki, since it appears to be a restaurant you know well. Does this "location info" you linked to show the location of Enoki restaurant? Is it on Nonbeiyokocho? Can that street name be translated Smugglers Alley? Is the street about 300 yards long, lined with tiny wood-paneled restaurants with red lanterns glowing above their doors? Is this a dark alley about 20 paces from a major intersection in the heart of the Shibuya district? Does Enoki seat eight at the counter? Does it serve simple food such as tomato slices, lotus root, carrots, turnips, mackerel pike, connyacku (?), and fried oysters so light you can't taste the oil? Any other foods there you'd recommend? Would you ever hear Frank Sinatra music playing at Enoki? Is the restaurant open past midnight? Is Enoki the kind of place where two currents of Tokyo meet: the locals who've lived here for decades and the jet-set, high-fashion, high-tech world that comes and goes? Any answers would be greatly appreciated.

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