May 25, 2003

I know it's hard to tell

EZ Movie file (.amc) EZ Movie file (.amc)

but it's great @ Cay. Inoue Kaoru will play @ 1:30 but we're already having a great time. If in neiborhood, come on over!

Posted by Mie at May 25, 2003 01:15 AM | TrackBack

Are those supposed to have sound? Never seen this file format b4 and I wanted to try... I'm using VLC on OS X and I get a criptic error message but the video plays fine. Looking at the log, it seems to be looking for some mp4 stream but it can't be found... Any idea? thx :)

Posted by: Mr. X at May 25, 2003 01:58 AM

I'm told that the VLC viewer doens't play the audio. Yeah this .amc format was a stupid choice by au. So many perfectly fine video formats to choose from...

Posted by: Dav at May 25, 2003 04:44 AM

Everything is nice and centered... Now that looks nice in the layout~ Feels nice on the eyes being able to naturally focus on the center.

Posted by: socal dave at May 25, 2003 11:38 AM

Yeah, been meaning to do that (center everything), but I'm really lazy so it took awhile.

Posted by: Dav at May 25, 2003 01:23 PM

Don't know why but when you typed "lazy", I imagined Hermes (of Futurama) saying "You lazy bastard"~ :D

Posted by: socal dave at May 25, 2003 11:54 PM

Thank you...I like the look too!

About the video, I know the sound absolutely sucks too. I want to get something that can record more than a bunch of loud unrecognizable sounds. I just want to share, even a snippet, of what I'm dancing to, you know...

Posted by: Mie at May 26, 2003 10:04 AM
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