May 14, 2003

@Enoki ... again

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I was trying to be polite and NOT blog (cuz I get distracted from the conversations...which is happening now) ...I can't resist. I'm here w/ Adam & Nurri. They will be married next month.

(Written next day...)
It's exactly these human connections that make all this blogging and the accompanying gadgets interesting and meaningful. I wouldn't have gotten so addicted to blogging if it weren't for all the cool connections and additional dimensions I am gaining in my daily life. I may not have met Adam and Nurri otherwise. Or even if I met Adam, we may not have discovered our common interests so quickly. It's been fascinating to meet such a variety of people all exploring this technology, sharing our own takes/usage of it, discussing the meaning of all these possibilities, and just plain having fun together (as we all document this). And in the end, establishing new friendships in the traditional sense.

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Thanks so much, Mie! We had a totally delightful time, there under the tracks in the rain - we've been raving about the food and the wonderful mamasan all day.

And we were also way stoked by the prospect of finding a chillout spot so close at hand. Remind us to take you to our favorite den of iniquity over in Harajuku before we pull up stakes.

Team ANspace

Posted by: AG & NK at May 15, 2003 05:57 PM

Definitely. Sounds like a place I want to know...I will be sure to remind you!! Thanks for an awesome night with energizing conversations!

Posted by: Mie at May 16, 2003 05:43 PM
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