April 23, 2003

@ Nishkoyama's Morena

Kyoko owns Morena. She's friends with Yuki who used to work with Kojo-san (DJ SpaceWalker). Kojo-san just came back from a month in San Francisco, energized with new ideas and thinking of changes he can make in his lifestyle over here. He said he felt a lot opened up for him by seeing SF and meeting interesting people. I'm super energized since I'll be leaving for SF tomorrow to go see Dav!!! Also, Kojo-san talked about opening a DJ Bar. We shared ideas of what we would like to do/see and looks like we have a lot in common. Time to collaborate?? Now wouldn't THAT be fun!

It was a wonderful chill night...the three of us in a neighborhood bar (we had the place to ourselves) just hanging out.

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