April 20, 2003


Local election campaigning has started.Suddenly from this morning, vans representing various candidates drive around and around repeating their names and 'yoroshiku' (kinda of a hello).Never much about what they plan to actually do.So to me it's noise.I can't vote here anyway.And now my cat just started to snore. I'm just trying to get some work done.

Posted by Mie at April 20, 2003 02:41 PM | TrackBack

I think that was your funniest post so far...

Posted by: Dav at April 20, 2003 07:37 PM

Your cate snores? LOL...
I didn't even think that was possible (I mean for cats in general, not just yours ;)

Posted by: Mr. X at April 21, 2003 09:47 AM

I was so glad when the actual voting in local elections was held here in Nagano a week ago. The sound trucks were driving me crazy, especially since I work right next to the station where most of them stopped to set up shop for a session of ridiculously amplified speechifying.

One funny thing I noticed is that some (though certainly not all) of the sound trucks would cease their noise-making when they stopped at a red light -- the white gloved hands waving from the windows would momentarily be accompanied by beautiful silence. Then the light would turn green and they'd be back up and running again.

I posted a few comments about this a while back on my site:

Posted by: mike at April 21, 2003 04:55 PM

Yes, my cat does snore. And at night, he likes to sleep right by my head. I have to nudge him sometimes.

The whole election process is so orchestrated it seems, at least to me, such a waste of time and energy. They must have some kind of an effect for them to keep doing it in such a superficial way though. I wonder who is influenced by all the waving and polite smiling...

Posted by: Mie at April 23, 2003 09:58 AM
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