April 11, 2003


No one showed up to join us (missed one of the best sandwhiches I've had in Tokyo), but I bumped into Donald from high school! He works @ Cafe8! Tokyo IS small.He is part of a Reggae band that I sure plan to check out.Had great conversation w/ Adam about blogging & much more. Why do I blog? How does this affect me? We also talked about our generation & the significance of technology in how we perceive and feel.May I just add that I typed all this as I walked (slowly) tothe train station?From your Thumb Tribe.(*^_^*)

Posted by Mie at April 11, 2003 11:30 PM | TrackBack

I just realized that when the thumb tribe gets older they're going to be able to torture their grandkids with stories about how "when I was your age I had to type all my mobile messages with my thumb. And not only that but I had to press a key three times just to get an 'L', four times if I needed an 'S'! By golly, an 'S' I tell you! The most popular letter after 'E'!" and they'll just roll their eyes and say "Whatever, Grandma...."

Disclaimer: I already bore people with my stories of connecting at 300 baud to FidoNet nodes in the mid eighties.

Posted by: Dav at April 12, 2003 01:52 AM

No keyboard available for your phone? I mean really... thumbing text is plain annoying.

Posted by: Jeffrey at April 12, 2003 07:51 AM

The members of the thumb-tribe that really impress me are the ones who deftly execute the no-look "pick the right kanji compound from the dropdown list" manuever without even thinking twice about it. Though I can generally school those people on English input :P

Posted by: Ian at April 12, 2003 02:12 PM

I've learned to avoid the real annoying words that use mostly one key (like "high"). But what really throws me off is when I do type an email in Japanese...I'm so used to typing in English that it takes a while to switch over. For Japanese, the dropdown list is great...but makes me wonder how everyone's vocab. must be getting minimal just b/c it's easier to choose from the dropdown choices. I wonder if someone has done an analysis on the dropdown words; some of them are kind of funny.

Posted by: Mie at April 12, 2003 04:42 PM
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