April 11, 2003

No pic!

I think this is the very first entry I'm doing without a picture. My postings are usually based on 'seeing' something I want to share. Feels strange to post based only on something I want to say.

No announcement or nothin'. I was just looking at my earlier posting about my phone and giving it props for all the hard work it does. Then I got to thinking about my poor fingers and how typing on the phone is actually hard work! Yesterday, I began typing at Shibuya about that ad poster. I'm getting pretty good at typing, and I probably barely looked up as I got onto the train - still typing. And when I got off and took the escalators, I remember smiling as I passed several people who had scooted to the side while they were typing on their phones...and I waltzed passed them...AS I TYPED. Am I tooting my horn too much? Just wanted to say I'm getting close to what they call the Thumb Tribe...although I'm the English version : )

It's Friday (yeah!), but I think I'm coming to work tomorrow anyway. Leaving now to go meet Adam

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