March 07, 2003

Right now...

I'm thinking of coffee.I wake up for coffee. Quite an addiction isn't it?And my phone is wet from rain & now I'm in a super crowded train typing to tell you this. Another addiction!

Posted by Mie at March 7, 2003 09:17 AM | TrackBack

How are you updating your website with your keitai? Does Movabletype support Moblogging?

Posted by: Brian at March 7, 2003 03:52 PM

talk about a super addiction - one of my good mates is finally giving up smoking. but only to trade that addiction for another one: mentos chew-able mints.

Posted by: auxis at March 7, 2003 08:02 PM


I wrote the moblogging software that Mie is using. It's open source and freely available. This first link gives an overview of how it works and the software used, and this second link has some additional software specific to dealing with the kanji and au keitai icons.

Posted by: Dav at March 8, 2003 01:45 AM

Thanks Dav for providing the info. : )

Posted by: Mie at March 8, 2003 05:56 PM

Yes Dave, thanks. By the way. I browsed your site. Nice Marti Gras pictures ;-) Also, found the post on your site about Gunkanjima-island inspired by mine site. How cool. Thats a first for me.

Posted by: Brian at March 9, 2003 09:30 PM
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