March 04, 2003


My subway was late today because a plastic bag blew onto the tracks. That's because it's been absurdly windy for the past few days. Every year between winter and spring, we have these sort of windy days. I remember once someone's futon, that was out drying on a balcony, blew onto the shinkansen tracks and caused havoc. And I remember my mom telling there is a specific term: 春風 (harukaze), spring wind.

Since I've been waiting for spring "with a long neck" (首を長くして) as they'd say here, I wrote 春 (haru) spring on my window in celebration of the wind.

Posted by Mie at March 4, 2003 07:30 PM | TrackBack

Mie - loving your work and the little Japanese sayings/translation bits you throw into your blog. I always refered to the first windy day(s) as 春一番...

Posted by: Gem Stevens at March 5, 2003 12:02 AM

Thank you Mie for always providing us these nice 'n short Japanese lessons :) 本当に有難うね :)

Posted by: April at March 5, 2003 08:05 AM

わー嬉しい。ん じゃー もっと日本語使うね。

Posted by: Mie at March 5, 2003 09:23 PM
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