February 17, 2003

Can't stay away from Enoki

Friday, after a hard week of work. No other place I'd rather be than winding down at Enoki. Ayako joined me and we had a nice bottle of red wine. Chizuru had her various amazing Japanese dishes, but to match our wine, she prepared a nice meat dish with French bread to soak up the wine sauce. I mean, we were at Nonbeiyokocho (Drunkard's Alley) where salarymen hang out and here we were wining and dining as if we were in a Parisian bistro. Ayako and I met 2 Canadians, one a lawyer working in Tokyo, the other his visiting cousin. Lively conversations about politics, the Japanese economy, and whether Japan would have a revolution if things got really really bad...we don't think so, unfortunately.

Posted by Mie at February 17, 2003 10:04 AM
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