February 11, 2003

Family reunion

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So last Saturday, the Kennedys, Yaginumas, and Tanakas gathered to have sushi together. 4 generations and 2 cultures. The occasion was to see Ian, Izumi, Tyler, and Julia visiting from New Jersey. It's amazing to see them grow. In addition to the normal, "oh, he's looking more like his dad or mom" conversation, there were lots of discussions about how Japanese or Caucasian looking they were/are/will be.

It's also interesting to take a step back and observe the gathering. My grandparents have come a long way from when my mom first brought home my dad. My dad got approval after stating he intended to live in Japan forever...which is true now, but shortly after that statement, my parents moved to NY for the next 13 years. Quite a trip for everyone. I think my grandparents never quite fathom the experiences my brother and I have had, but that's OK, as long as we show up for sushi and update them about the little things. Of course the main concern always has and will be about marriage, kids, and health.

My cousin Kiyomichi just went to Arizona for, um, 2 days! He works at an exotic pet shop that specializes in lizards, snakes, and colorful fish. He went there for purchasing. He never uttered English before, but now he seems more or less comfortable experimenting. Tyler was sitting on his lap and Kiyomichi asked in English, "do you know me?" Tyler clearly knew he was family (thus the lounging around on his lap), but doesn't quite get 'uncle'...especially such a far away uncle. I don't want to be a far away aunt either...what to do? Maybe I should hook Tyler up with a cell phone like mine with pics!

Anyway, enjoy a snippet of my family gang.

I feel a cold invading my body so I'm gonna let you figure out who is who : )

Posted by Mie at February 11, 2003 05:48 PM

heya Mie :) the children are very cute :) i can sort of guess who everyone is except for the man in the black sweater :) hehe... i love the name Tyler! i love your name too, Mie :) a very pretty name indeed :)

cheers, April

Posted by: April at February 16, 2003 06:10 AM

Hi April!
The guy in black is my uncle, my mom's younger brother. He is an acupuncturist. I'm planning on getting a session done on me just for 'ol times sake soon and I'll post that : ) And oh yeah, they aren't even my children and I think they are the cutest too. Especially now that their personalities are developing. What a handful!

Posted by: Mie at February 17, 2003 09:55 AM

How do you write Tyler in Kanji?

Posted by: tony at December 12, 2003 05:12 PM
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