February 07, 2003

Brother & brother-in-law

My brother Ian, who lives in New Jersey, is in Tokyo for business. We had yakiniku with his colleagues from Factiva. Great bunch of people and delicious yakiniku that we cooked by ourselves at the table. (Factiva graciously footed the bill; thank you!! ご馳走様でした。)

The pic is of Ian and Stephen (my brother-in-law). Now HERE is a story:
Ian met his wife Izumi in Tokyo. They soon discovered that they had attended the same nursery school in New York way back when. Turns out our parents knew each other, lost touch over the years, and BY COINCIDENCE, Ian and Izumi bumped into each other. Talk about fate! It gets better - if we flip through family albums, we find Stephen and I in diapers hanging out in the same crib!

Tomorrow, there will be a sort of family reunion at a sushi restaurant. Izumi and their 2 kids, Tyler and Julia, came along this time, and everyone is dying to see them! I last saw Tyler and Julia in summer so it'll be a surprise to see Julia taking steps now or hear the many stories I hope Tyler will tell me.

Posted by Mie at February 7, 2003 06:51 PM

That coincidence is amazing! I guess for believers of fate, it is a sign ^_^

I love the concept of taking photos with your phone. I'd do the same if my phone wasn't stuck in the middle ages (and had a camera attached).

Posted by: T at February 11, 2003 07:08 AM
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