February 03, 2003


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A high school friend is taking off for Thailand and we had a 送別会 (sobetsukai; farewell party) on a 屋形船 (yakatabune). We boated around Tokyo Bay out by Odaiba for 2.5 hours with lots to drink, tempura galore, and a karaoke machine. When I think of yakatabune, I think of summer and watching the fireworks from the boat. But there we were in the middle of winter, climbing to the top of the boat for the amazing scenery (of the intense lights and activity of Odaiba), testing each other how long we could stay out there. Inside, those who liked karaoke belted away (the movie is a fine example of karaoke entertainment...for both those singing and observing). I find karaoke kind of cheesy, mainly because the song selections are so pop...and sure enough, most of the tunes I heard made me feel I was 15. I thought it was hilariously cute that although most of us were non-Japanese, we were partying in a very traditional Japanese manner.

The 3rd pic is Tomas, the one off to Thailand, giving a speech while tipping his head since he's too tall for the boat. The 5th picture is me with a boiling pot of fish and veges in the back. Then there is my dear friend Dan and Yuko who are getting married very soon, a close-up of Ayako and I, and lastly, the shy son of one of the boat people. Cute!

Posted by Mie at February 3, 2003 10:59 AM
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