January 31, 2003

銭湯 Sento 1

We're getting to the coldest month of the year and although it may 'look' nice outside, the temperature bites. And there's nothing better than soaking in hot water to warm your soul. Last night, I went to the public bath...a one minute walk from my apartment. Real regulars take their stuff in their wash bucket...but I just have a plastic basket and I roll my PJs in a towel. There's something very comforting about walking to the sento and seeing neighbors heading to/from there with their bathing paraphernalia.

So you walk in, park your shoes in one of the lockers (that have beautiful wooden 'keys'), and pay 400 yen.

Posted by Mie at January 31, 2003 09:47 AM

I am currently working on a project about living outside your house. I will live outside of my home for a week. I'm looking for an overview of tokyo's sento. where they are, etc. maybe you can help me. i have very much enjoyed reading your stories on the website.

kind regards,

Afaina de Jong

Posted by: afaina de jong at May 8, 2003 02:07 PM
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