January 21, 2003

Another night at Ruby Room

Monday's are "Honpou" nights...the name of the event Kei and his friends put on.

Inspired by Tatsuo's santa fun last time, I decided to experiment with a new wig. I couldn't resist trying to capture the big round eyes of my cats...they knew it was me, but I could almost hear them say, "something fishy is going on..." Felt strange to wear the wig. I wondered how obvious it might look that I had this fake hair on when I was riding on the train to Shibuya. But it kept my head warm! I was a tad disappointed that everyone at Ruby Room immediately recognized me though.

Last time, my pics were too dark so I tried again to get Kei and I, and Tatsuo and I.

Posted by Mie at January 21, 2003 10:24 AM
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