January 13, 2003

Hokkawa Onsen

EZ Movie file (.amc)

Back in Tokyo...a 5 hour+ drive...partly because I missed a highway section and we got sucked into a long long tunnel that was basically a parking lot for a good hour. It was fun taking photos while there, but I forgot to take my recharger and after a few movie shots, I had very very little juice left. The onsen (Hokkawa Onsen in Izu) was fantastic. Off from the main tourist dump, this was a real little fishing village. You'll see me pointing to fish drying in the sun, or a boat that brought in our breakfast...literally, we had to wait until the boat got in and the hotel folks made their daily purchase. Fresh fish for breakfast...ahhh.
The best was that we had access to a hot tub RIGHT on the ocean. Several hotels share this so we'd walk along the sidewalk in our yukata and share the water, view, and wave sounds with total strangers. I think it's natural and actually healthy to be able to get naked for the sake of a good soak and not be all embarassed in front of strangers (and men/women were mixed...no one cares at this point).

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I miss that experience !

Posted by: Gw. at January 14, 2003 06:46 AM
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