January 11, 2003

Nishi Koyama warmth

Groggily woke up this morning and decided I'd get my hair trimmed. Local place for 1,000 yen! (Compared to 4,000 yen for other places that give you tea and a neck massage, but I can't tell the difference regarding the actual cut.) It's cold and here is the cute stove they had out for us waiting patrons. Next to it is a cute little plum tree.
OK OK. So I love SF. Really and truly and deeply. But I ALSO love the little details like the plum tree that you bump into on a daily basis in Tokyo. Humble, delicate, and so tasteful. Just there because...it's nice.

I'm so aware of seasons here not just because it's so freaking cold in the winter and so mind boggling hot in the summer, but because there are so many subtle seasonal references, like the plum tree, throughout the year. Festivals, rituals, foods, decorations, dress codes...Anyway, I'm off to a cafe to read a book. Need to ease my way back into the city...

Posted by Mie at January 11, 2003 03:15 PM
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