December 22, 2002

At Morena with Kyoko and regulars

EZ Movie file (.amc)

So I worked Sat and it was freezing and I didn?t want to venture too far from home. This is why I love my neighborhood...I can walk to a place like Morena?s and if not chat with Kyoko-san, there will be somebody I know. There was a shoe designer I had met before and another neighborhood guy. Totally enjoyed myself for a couple of hours. It?s usually the case that just when I?m about to leave, a new group comes in and we begin all over. By then, Kyoko and I were the only women so I stayed a bit more to keep her company...In the video, there is one guy who apparently is kind of shy or whatever and over the past 2 weekends, he spent about $2,000 at kyabakur (bar with very friendly girls...and you pay for it). He sighed, but said it was worth it. Whatever works, I suppose...

Posted by Mie at December 22, 2002 01:13 AM
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