December 21, 2002

Forgot to post this. Conversation @ Enoki.

EZ Movie file (.amc)

As ususal, really interesting people at Enoki. The woman at the far left lives in Singapore and works for a magazine. She visits Tokyo once a month. She was just visiting her old school in Akita and was shocked and saddened to hear that high school girls, who wear their uniform skirts super mini mini with those loose socks, are actually suffering from the cold. Because their legs are essentially are freezing everyday, many girls stop menstrating. It takes 6 months for them go get back to normal, but of course, the girls want to continue slaving to fashion...I would like to find a way to tell these girls that life can be so much fun without doing that kind of stuff or living by peer pressure...that the older you get, the more fun it can be because you realize more and more that you can do whatever you please...How to have them realize they have so much power??

Posted by Mie at December 21, 2002 08:25 PM

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