December 13, 2002

My director & Ministry of Finance guest

EZ Movie file (.amc)
In b/w the wine, I did say they would be online.They were sorry to not have `outfits.' Cool bunch.We compared US vs. Japan humor which I don't get both, & managed to laugh a lot. That's all that counts, right?
So basically we had a great time...
But we were at a place where you have to take your shoes off. And there were many other groups in addition to us. And although the servers I'm sure try to keep all our shoes organized, as I said, they were also busy serving us on schedule to get us out of there. Plus, everyone is a bit when we were leaving, our former Director couldn't find his shoes! We looked all over and figured some blissed out salaryman slipped on the wrong pair and didn't notice. The restaurant had, for some odd reason, left over pairs and offered the closest size they had to our former Director. They kind of looked clownish since they were still big and he had to shuffle home. The restaurant will be compensating him by the way. You'd think they'd have a better shoe system by now...I mean, combine 50+ drunk people and all their shoes scattered around. This must happen all the time. I just don't get how the restaurant had left over shoes though...

Posted by Mie at December 13, 2002 10:02 PM
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