December 12, 2002

Piles of files

OK, since my waking hours are kind of crammed with work now, I may as well describe a bit what I'm doing. This week is the deadline for applications for a scholarship I administer. The pic. shows the files I'm inputting now. Everytime I walk through the mail room, my box is stuffed with faxes and DHL packages. I keep getting calls from worried applicants. I answer "This is Mie Kennedy," then I invariably hear the international beep, then a gap of silence, then a "Hello!! You Ms. Kennedy???" I try to explain that I'm still processing the files to even be able to check what I have received.

What is the most frustrating is that English test scores are required. It says it very clearly on the application AND I even made a nice check list for them to complete. So far, about half seem to have conveniently just ignored that or even written "n/a" where I ask for scores...

On the other hand, this year I got my first application from Papaua New Guinea. I like the sound of Toowoomba grammar school : )

Tomorrow is Friday so I'll have more 'fun' stuff to share...for example, our office is having a bonenkai (party to forget the year). It might not be as wild as they ususally go since we'll be having members of the Ministry of Finance join us. But AFTERWARDS, I'm hopefully gonna make it to Booze&Vinyl to see Master, and to Morena to see Kyoko-san.

Posted by Mie at December 12, 2002 07:39 PM
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